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Hulu Plus may be coming to Xbox very soon

You know it’s funny how in 2009, I was worried about Hulu charging and how in the next year, they announced Hulu Plus. Even later that same year, they had to drop their price, to stay right in line with the Netflix plan. Now, I have cut the cable, and use only OTA free broadcasts and Netflix (Along with my XBOX Live subscription). The original announcment had talked about future availability on other devices such as mobile devices and gaming platforms. One of those selected devices was going to be the XBOX 360. Well it seems, according to a few sources, it seems that day will be Friday April 29th. The funny thing about it is, there hasn’t been any pre-announcements or any heads up. It would be weird for the XBOX Live crew to just update without some sort of notice. Of course, this could come in a quick update, much like the netflix update with the Kinect features added. I just don’t see why, since it isn’t really an add-on to a current feature, it’s a whole NEW feature! We shall see though. I’ll be happy, it will definetly help deter my want to find other sources for recordings of the shows I watch.

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XBOX 360 to be getting Hulu???

Early beta builds of new Xbox 360 firmware look to have added streaming Hulu to the mix. Xbox already runs Facebook, Twitter and Netflix, this would be more over a nail in the coffin of traditional television. It also seems that the announcement may be just around the corner at E3 2010. It seems that Microsoft is trying to stay up-to-date with some of the new internet television boxes, with the likes of the Boxee Box, Apple TV, Popcorn Box and the soon to be Google TV. Will the Xbox become the main media center, or will it’s age begin to show??? We shall see..

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Hulu will not charge in 2010


There was a rumor floating around this past week that Hulu was going to start charging next year, and I even talked about it on my weekly youtube broadcast. As of today, there was a source at Entertainment Weekly that said that rumor is false and we should not be worried. This is a huge sigh of relief, because I don’t pay for cable specifically for this reason. I use Hulu Desktop as a very good on-demand box. I can even use my media center remote that came with my laptop so I don’t have to leave the couch to watch good television.

Who’s to say that we won’t soon to pay for it, the EW article references that we used to use Napster for free, and now we pay legally for iTunes. We used to get television over the air for free, but cable came along and we all signed up.

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