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5th Gen Nano is better than 6th Gen

With the release of the latest iPod Nano (6th Gen), I seem to think the 5th and 4th Gen iPod Nanos were SO MUCH better. So that’s why I went and bought a 5th gen before Apple bought them all back and you can’t find them anymore! Here’s a good review from CNET…

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RUMOR: iPod touch and iPod Nano with camera

Some chinese manufacturers are already in the process of creating new cases based upon the new iPod Touch and the new iPod nano, POSSIBLY planned for a September 2009 release. This is pretty cool, especially since cameras are being inserted into everything these days! Now if the iPod touch could email these photos via the wireless antenna, and I could MMS my cellphone buddies with an iPod Touch!

via [Digg] [Business Insider]  original:[Cult of Mac]