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new iPods 2009

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If you missed it today, Apple has released their new iPods for the holiday season. Just to give you a run down of what was released:

iPod Nano now has a video camera. 8GB is now $149 and 16GB is $179. It comes with a FM RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will have the new Genius Mixes and also adds a pedometer for your Nike+. This was pretty much in line with the rumors.

The shuffle is now in the same colors as before, except that they have a special edition stainless steel. They added 3rd party support for headphones to have the remote in their headsets.

The iPod classic is 160GB again, but for the $249 price.

The iPod Touch will now be doubled again to 64GB, but for the previous 32GB price! Now I can’t wait till next June to see the 4G 64GB iPhone on VERIZON!!!! ha ha ha… just kidding. Also the new 3.1 update that has actually been out for a while.

That’s pretty much it. Not enough for me to go out and get a new iPod, but cool if you haven’t upgraded in a while.

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RUMOR: iPod touch and iPod Nano with camera

Some chinese manufacturers are already in the process of creating new cases based upon the new iPod Touch and the new iPod nano, POSSIBLY planned for a September 2009 release. This is pretty cool, especially since cameras are being inserted into everything these days! Now if the iPod touch could email these photos via the wireless antenna, and I could MMS my cellphone buddies with an iPod Touch!

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