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Windows Phone 7 to get NFC too?

Well it seems the NFC rumors are getting louder and louder about NFC. With all the rumors about this technology going into the next iPhone, then not going into it, then it is; it seem that Microsoft wants to get into the rumor mill as well with its phones. These NFC chips are already being tested at Bank of America and in San Francisco. Right now though, this is all blackberry testing, no iOS or WP7 devices yet. It seems that the devices could support this technology even as early as this year. What is bad, is that Nokia already ships devices with this chip in it. So it seems everyone else is behind and trying to catch up.

Could this be in your next WP7 device? Could it be in the upcoming iOS update?

I can’t hardly wait to be honest, that’s one less thing that I have to carry with me when I go to concerts and events!!

(watch this trail… I thought it was funny to see how this story got around the web, since I found it on Digg first)

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(i love following trails… Digg-news aggregator to site[IntoMobile] that got it from news aggregator Engadget that got it from Bloomberg. Nice. )