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Vevo launched tonight, who cares?


So yet another announcement is out today, VEVO. You ask, what is VEVO? Well V (for short) is a video music website. Basically think of YouTube, but with out all the dups and crappy vids of people who put still images together and put the music in the background, I hate those guys. Backed by Universal, YouTube and Google, they had a launch party tonight with Bono and Google CEO Eric Schmidt. There were some exclusives to service that were shown, but is hard to see what is going on, due to so much traffic hitting the website. I still keep getting a tempweb thingy….

To be completely honest, I have no faith in this being a successful venture by any means. Music videos have always had a place, and that used to be MTV, but now I think it’s mostly BETv and Fuze. Artists have always had a hard time, as well as labels monetizing their videos. Most of the newer CDs I get come with an extra DVD or video cd in which I can download the video to my computer.

I just call this one now, and say epic FAIL.

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