Update to Batman Across the Ages


So, a while back, in 2011, I wrote a piece about the similarities across the Batman franchises in the Tim Burton 1989 versions and the early 2000’s Chris Nolan’s versions. It was more of screenshots from each movie comparing the similarities and how similar they are.

It was funny to see this back in 2011 and I assume that many people have seen these as well, if you are any kind of Batman fan. So it was cool to see an even more updated video comparing the two on YouTube today. This was created back in July of 2018, so there is a bit of time difference as of me writing this and the previous article, but it was still cool to see.

Check out the video below showing the similarities and their differences:

After you are done, you can go back and check out my writing on this here.

About.me profile site (check it out)


If you have not seen the About.me website, it is a basic online one stop shop for you to send people to, when they want to know all about you and every social network you belong to. It also is a great place to show off a really good profile pic if you have one. The idea is, it is a quick “business card” style site. You hook up every link that you have online to this one site, and then everyone can find you on your other social networks. Check out the video below for a good description:

All about about.me from about.me on Vimeo.
I have even created my own over at About.com/rustygreer. Check out mine and let me know what you think, then go and sign up and make your own as well! Plus, they have a few offers, like getting free cards from Moo.com from your site, where you just pay for the shipping and they come right to you. I ordered the free cards from moo and I love them! Check it out!

SIRI was built that way, with Attitude.


In a follow up to my previous post, it keeps getting better and better to see what responses we can get from SIRI by posing it some different questions and crazy statements. As the weekend is coming to a close for some of us, it seems that some of us have been trying to see what kind of answers we can get from SIRI. I have seen some crazy stuff, but it seems some of us (jokingly), are trying to see if SIRI can be a real assistant in some of our affairs. Let’s take a look at some of the things that SIRI is helping us do:
Click on each image to see the full response

“Im Horny”
“What’s Wrong with Me?”
“Are you sending all this information to Apple?”
“I need to hide a body”

It’s even funnier to see what other people can come up with. It seems though, the Siri/Apple team built the digital assistant to be this way. You can read some of the responses people are posting and the list is growing. Things like:

    “Beam me up Siri” – Sorry Captain, Your Tri-Corder is in Airplane Mode
    “What do you think about Android?” – I think differently.

There even seems to be a full thread going on over at MacRumors where people are posting their findings. What’s funny is, all the engineers seemed to have wanted to stick with their “geek roots” and input references to famous geek characters and movies.
If you have any cool responses, feel free to leave them in the comments below, and go back and read my previous post for more.

-Rusty G

New Music? Here you go.. a good friend of mine


So I saw a facebook friend asking for new music, as I had a few months back. So I had to offer someone I found late last year while working at one my temporary positions. I met a very cool guy who goes by the name of Dan Fenton. The first thing I thought of, was a guitar, but I digress. He wasn’t much of a huge talker of his band (that I heard) but he offered a few rounds of tickets to his show that he was having one Saturday night. Coincidentally, that was also the last Friday that I worked at that job. So I went to the show with no expectations. It was a little place in Nashville called the Cannery ballroom. Awesome venue, if you have never been, small but great sound!! So a few of the co-workers were there and had seen him before and highly recommended it.

Let’s just say, I was easily blown away by their sound and soul. A little southern rock and a LOT of wonderful sound. Dan has a very unique voice and the band is an amazing compliment to the Louisianan bayou music style that I was listening too. I was hooked. I think this music can round many fashions, and all sorts of people will love this music. So with nothing much left to say, I would say here is a sample, Delta by Feedback Revival

If you would like to hear more, there is plenty to go around. You can hear more free tracks on Soundcloud. You can check out their website FeedbackRevival.com. You can also purchase (which I highly recommend) their debut album “In the Woods” on iTunes or Amazon.


txtNationTV for your viewing pleasure


Ok, so I kind of missed this, but back on February 18th, 2011, I started back up with my co-host Allen our new show txtNationTV. We were previously No Title No Name, but that was before the Nashville flood. So we have a whole new set of ideas, and are working out the kinks, so you will see our episodes change up from time to time, but for the time being, if you want to know the latest in tech, and want someone to laugh at, and you already know me or Allen, make sure to check out our website txtnation.tv. You will always be able to see the latest episode there,or you can subscribe via YouTube.

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