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Google looks to bring a TV set top box to your home

It’s some crazy news coming from the Google camp, but apparently they are working on a set top box powered by Android and partnered with Sony, Intel and Logitech. Now with Google being the everything box, it seems to be the next step to be the company to take over your life. Google hopes to hit a home run where others have struck out. Google will be working with the Atom based Intel processors to power these boxes. They also want to put their software on blu-ray players and Sony TVs. Google is working on a keyboard-equipped remote with Logitech to control the units.

I say they have a hard time ahead of them with the Boxee Box and Popcorn Hour (renamed PopBox) coming out soon. I don’t say that they are too late in the game, but their will be stiff competition. Even with all the HTPCs out there running Windows Media Center, which has been around since 2005 and Windows XP. The other thing will have to be how much storage is on this thing. It will need to be at least a 500GB hard drive. We shall see..

via [Gizmodo] via [NYT]