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Google Goggles now in iPhone App Update

Google Mobile app has been around a while and has allowed for voice searching and picture searching along side their regular text based searching, but in their latest release (, they have added their Google Goggles service which allows for an augmented reality. You can now take your iPhone and use the camera as “goggles” and see more information about the world around you. Basically the idea is real-time search based up the image and GPS information that the phone has. The example that Google uses is that the guy never knew what the name of the building was that he saw everyday. Now with the app, he can look at it and see all sorts of information about it. I think this a gimmicky feature to add, but very useful on vacations around the world and you don’t have a tour guide. Now the app doesn’t do translations on the fly for you, but you can use the Google translations service to help you read something that you may see on a sign. What’s even better is that this app also has the ability to translate text in a photo for you, so this app may be on the only thing you need when you go traveling around the world! Check out the video below from Google:

via [Mashable]