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XBOX 360 as a U-Verse STB

Looks like some AT&T customers will be getting a Christmas present a little early this year. Apparently this has been around a while, but I never knew this was coming. The XBOX 360 is about to become a set-top-box(STB) for all of the U-Verse customers out there. Now the XBOX is slowly becoming the digital living room center with Netflix streaming, Zune Marketplace & ESPN streaming services as well. It seems that this update will be hitting streets on November 7th. Now the U-verse user does have to have at least one other box in the house for the XBOX to get its signal from, but will be able to act as it’s own channel surfing box! They also say that the box will have to have a hard drive in it, so if you don’t have one now, go out and get one now! Check out one of the insider slides below:

via [Engadget]