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Forget tethering. Just get a Motorola Atrix 4G

Ok, so I first have to say the 4G part of the phone is a little misleading, or as I like to say Incorrect. Outside of the fact that At&t’s 4G isn’t 4G at all (it’s really 3.5G), the Motrola Atrix announced at CES seems to be the phone to have this year. I have seen a few videos from podcasts that were there live at the event, but I don’t think they did the phone justice. So lets go over the features real quick.

It is the first dual-core processor phone on the market. Which actually helps in the multitasking issues that our current smartphones seem to have. It has 1GB of RAM for memory. It has 16GB of on-board storage that is expandable up to 48GB with a 32GB SD card. It has the ‘full’ web with Flash support built in. This amazing phone has an optional laptop that weighs less than 3 pounds, that you can attach it to, so you can have the laptop experience out of your phone! It has a HD camera for video recording and front facing camera for video chat w/video share. It has HDMI out for quick viewing of your content on an HDTV. You can get the optional docks (there are a few different ones) instead if you want to use this thing at work, home or in the car! Check out the promo video for the smart docks they will sell for this bad boy:

If you missed the announcement of this thing, it’s fine, they just made a great video for promotion as well that I saw on Engadget, check it out:

I really think, that this may be the real iPhone killer. Because unless the iPhone can dock into the MacBook Air, Apple will have to rethink the strategy. Especially with the dual core processors as well. Right now, this will be the largest storage on a mobile phone as well, with the 32GB being added to the 16GB that is on-board. Since Skype has added video chat to the iPhone though, I hope soon that android version of Skype will inlcude the same. I don’t want to have to use Qik for my video chatting, but since Skype bought them, I guess that is their door into the android world. We shall see, Motorola hasn’t had a huge phone success since the overplayed and remolded over and over V3. I hope this is the next one!