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Viber coming soon to Android (free SMS too!)

It seems that the iOS app for free calling over the internet (VoIP) has decided to be spreading its footprint and bringing the app to Android devices as well. Viber is a FREE VoIP provider and app that allows you to make calls over 3G or WiFi, allowing you to save your minutes on your cell phone service. There is no sign up or any special codes that you have to enter, it just makes the call for you. It uses your existing telephone number and allows you to call your friends on Viber as well with their telephone numbers. No usernames no email addresses, just the number you already have.

Now I will say that app is currently only in use on the iOS devices, and a little more specifically the iPhone 4, but apparently can be used on the iPod Touch and the iPad, but according to the FAQ on the website:

Viber was primarily developed for iPhones, so for the best experience, an iPhone with iOS 4 is recommended. While Viber is known to work on iPod Touch and iPads, they are not officially supported.

So I have a few friends on this app, and it sounds GREAT. It doesn’t change over 3G either, it still sounds great. Now that the community is expanding, it is nice to know I can add a LOT more friends to the list! What is even better, is that SMS (text) messaging will be in an upcoming update as well, so you can text back and forth for free as well!

Here is a video direct from the website to give a full run-down:

via [MobileCrunch]