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Facebook doesn’t pay me for ads?

Ok, so it seems Facebook has added a new feature that allows you or your friends to tag PRODUCTS, in your photos. Much like the (stolen) photo above. The idea behind this is, it allows companies to get a feel for their web presence. Really??? Oh and by the way, so far, I can’t find anything that says I’m getting paid to do this, so why would I?

Well to be a bit more specific, they are allowing you to tag photos with Pages. For instance, the girl above is holding a coke, and coke has a page, so you then can tag the coke page, like you would normally your friends, and they can see it. To be honest, at this point, I have given up on security and privacy on Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg is all about the Benjamins. He’s just basically turning us into product placement whores.

I’m removing all my likes and any pages that I like right now… I’m boycotting! Let’s start the revolt!!! We aren’t product whores!!!

via [TechCrunch]