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Facebook doesn’t pay me for ads?

Ok, so it seems Facebook has added a new feature that allows you or your friends to tag PRODUCTS, in your photos. Much like the (stolen) photo above. The idea behind this is, it allows companies to get a feel for their web presence. Really??? Oh and by the way, so far, I can’t find anything that says I’m getting paid to do this, so why would I?

Well to be a bit more specific, they are allowing you to tag photos with Pages. For instance, the girl above is holding a coke, and coke has a page, so you then can tag the coke page, like you would normally your friends, and they can see it. To be honest, at this point, I have given up on security and privacy on Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg is all about the Benjamins. He’s just basically turning us into product placement whores.

I’m removing all my likes and any pages that I like right now… I’m boycotting! Let’s start the revolt!!! We aren’t product whores!!!

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T-Mobile brings VoIP chat to Facebook

Well it seems that T-Mobile isn’t going quiet into the night before this At&t merger acquisition. T-Mobile is now releasing a VoIP option for Facebook users, giving them the ability to voice chat instead of typing. This will be built into the chat window that already lives on Facebook. What will happen is the new install from¬†will now place a new icon next to your Facebook friends that have the app installed as well, letting you know who you can use the app with. The roadmap apparently shows future use of video chat as well, but for right now, it’s just like making a phone call to all of your 700 friends! Being the fact that it is a VoIP service, it is free to use, via the company Vivox. So whip out your desktop microphones and turn up your speakers, cause now all of your friends will be calling, unless of course you don’t install the app.

You may already use one of the many other VoIP apps like Skype, Tango or Viber, but this just makes it so easy, because it is a simple plug-in inside of facebook, instead of being a desktop published app on your local harddrive. Now I have not heard whether this will work on any mobile versions of Facebook, which I highly doubt at this point, but I am sure this is on the roadmap as well. Even if T-Mo gets gobbled up by At&t and becomes At&t sled. So go try it out and let me know what you think below!

via [MobileCrunch]

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Sype wants to know all of your Facebook friends

This past week, it looks like Skype added a little functionality to its platform with Facebook. Basically the idea is that Skype wants to integrate your contacts on FB with your Skype friends and have you talking to your friends on FB via the Skype software. If you allow them access, it now pulls your FB information into the Skype software so that you can have it open, and not have to have open a browser window, and you can see your Skype friends along with FB in the same window. This includes your news feed, pics and all posts! You can go check out the new Skype here.

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Facebook now allows downloading of your profile

So in a weird new update that came yesterday, there is something new that did spark my interest, and that was the fact that you can download your information from your profile from Facebook.

Basically the idea is that it is a portable file that you can keep with you in a .zip format. This file will include everything about you on Facebook. (This includes your photos, videos, posts, messages, friends lists, etc.) This really didn’t have any point to it in my understanding, because it’s not like you can take this .zip file and put it anywhere else (i.e. Myspace or any other social network). Unless the idea is that many other social networks, or future ones will support the uploading of this file and you don’t have to refill out your entire profile, kind of of like a social network resume. But for now, it is kind of nice if you uploaded a photo or video to Facebook and you don’t have it anymore that you can d/l it and have it to keep! Check out the video below on how it works:

via [TechCrunch]