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Ever see my theme elsewhere???

So I was just a little bored at work today and I was reading the tech news from my Google Reader page, I noticed another website that I was reading had the same free theme that I had. Now I had seen this a time before on I really never paid any attention to this because I just figured it was a popular theme out there because it was free. I remember actually reading about it somewhere on one of the tech sites like I really liked the theme, so I picked it up and put it on this website. The funny thing is, if you take the little small phrase from the bottom of this page, and google it. You can find that there are a lot of other websites out there with it. So that’s what I did partially at work today, took the phrase “Powered by WordPress and Mystique theme by digitalnature” and looked it up. WOW, I never knew I was going to run into so many sites that have the same theme, or at least a modified version of the same theme. Check out the list that I found: (this website) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified) (modified)

The funny thing is, I never knew I had so much in common with so many other websites. Or should I say that only the (modified) ones had any creative smarts about them and changed it up a bit. Now, you can keep looking, because there was something like 8 million hits when I searched that phrase. Have a good weekend folks.. I may end up blogging about the facebook/google+ war here later this weekend…