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Revision3 keeps knockin’ em’ out of the park

Revision3 is an online TV distribution channel that has a lot of great shows for many different tastes. If you are searching to cut the cord and don’t know what to look for online, might I suggest two new shows that Revision3 has added.

One of the original creators and founding partners of Digg and Revision3, Jay Adelson, has a brand new show called Ask Jay. The idea behind this show is to help those out with any sort of start up or any entrepreneurial endeavors you may be embarking on. Jay has been chosen as one of Time’s Most Influential People of the World in 2008. So to say that Jay has a little experience in this area, is minor understatement. You can check out Ask Jay over at Revision3’s website or click on the banner below for his latest episode “How Do Companies Raise So Much Money?”


Another brand new show is for the gamers out there, called New Challenger. Some of you may know Anthony Carboni from other Revision3 shows like App Judgment or previously hosting Bytejacker. He is still showing his cold beating gamer heart as the new host for New Challenger, along side other great gamers like Tara Long and Ryan Clements, just to name a few. Anthony is one of the new rising stars on Revision3 and loves to hardcore it up while playing games like Minecraft or Dead Island! You can check out New Challenger on or even watch the latest episode where he and Destructoid’s Tara Long review Dead Island by clicking on the banner below.